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Regular Meeting

August 14, 2022, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM (America/Chicago)

640 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA


First Half of Meeting:

ABUs: pressed blouse and pants, polished boots, black boot socks, ABU belt, pressed cover

No jewelry except optional wristwatch, no nail polish or clear, earrings within regulation or none at all.

Hair within regulation.

Second Half of Meeting:

In a small backpack: appropriate shorts (no low riders, no belly buttons showing) appropriate top (no halter tops). sneakers & athletic socks, 32 oz water

1445 -1455: Arrival Time: NO EARLIER

1455-1515: Set up for senior members: Opening Formation for cadets

1515 -1600: Cadet Commander's Schedule

1600 -1620: Awards Presentation and Speech by the Wing Commander

1620 -1630: Change into civilian wear as per above

1630 - 1750: BBQ/Fun

1750 - 1800: Closing Formation

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