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Model Rocketry Goddard Style

American rocketry pioneer Robert H. Goddard and his first liquid-fueled rocket, March 16, 1926.

Dr. Goddard's Major Contributions

Robert Goddard's contributions to missilery and space flight would make a lengthy list. Below are some highlights.

  • Explored the practicality of using rocket propulsion to reach high altitudes, even the moon (1912)
  • Proved that a rocket will work in a vacuum, that it needs no air to push against
  • Developed and fired a liquid fuel rocket (March 16, 1926, Auburn, Mass.)
  • Shot a scientific payload in a rocket flight (1929, Auburn, Mass.)
  • Used vanes in the rocket motor blast for guidance (1932, New Mexico)
  • Developed gyro control apparatus for rocket flight (1932, New Mexico)
  • Received U.S. patent for of multi-stage rocket (1914)
  • Developed pumps suitable for rocket fuels
  • Launched a rocket with a motor pivoted on gimbals under the influence of a gyro mechanism (1937)

The Goddard AE directorate conducts semi annual programs in Model Rocketry, allowing new cadets to earn the Model Rocketry Badge. This badge looks real sharp on your Class A Blues! 

Our goal is 100% cadet participation



Here's a breakdown of the phases: 1. Redstone, 2. Titan, 3. Saturn. You do not necessarily need to take all modules in order, but you will find it easier as later modules tend to build upon earlier modules. If you aren't sure if you have taken and passed a module through a paper or on-line  test, please let one of the AEOs know.

In order to access the electronic forms of these modules, please follow these directions:


1. Log on to eServices


2. On the left-hand side, there should be a link for "Learning Management System". Click it, and scroll down to where it says "Aerospace Education" and take the necessary module test.


IMPORTANT: Once you complete a module, please click 'print certificate', download the .pdf file, and email it to me at so we can both have it for our respective records.


Remember, in order to earn the Model Rocketry Badge and Patch, you need to complete all three theory tests and all respective rocket launches. If you have any questions about your status in the program (or any questions at all!), don't hesitate to contact one of the AEOs.


CAP Model Rocketry PowerPoint Slides:





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